Shire Services

Car Parking

The Rangers patrol the townsite to regulate and enforce the Parking Local Laws. Parking Infringement Notices are issued and payable by post or at Shire of Broome Reception.

When parking please check the signs in the area as they indicate what time restriction or other use prohibition may be applicable.

Additional Information 9191 3456


The first step to becoming an Australian Citizen is to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on or telephone 131 881. Once paperwork is received from the Department, the Shire can conduct a citizenship ceremony.

The Shire President will advise you of your obligations and your rights as a citizen of Australia and you will be requested to read the oath or the pledge and then sign documents including an electoral enrolment form.

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Club Development

The Shire of Broome Club Development Officer supports Broome’s sport and recreation club volunteers through communication, education and acknowledgement in partnership with the WA Department of Sport and Recreation.

Club Development programs include KidSport that enables children to participate in community sport and recreation no matter their financial circumstances. Eligible youth can apply for up to $200 to contribute towards club fees annually.

More information is available by calling the Club Development Officer, or online at

Additional Information 9191 3456

Events and Venue Hire

The climate, culture and lifestyle of Broome make it the ideal location for hosting special events, functions and festivals. With a growing population, world class tourism facilities and natural attractions that are the envy of towns across Australia, an event in Broome is a celebration in itself.

Broome plays host to a wide variety of cultural, economic, sporting and artistic events which enrich the lifestyle of locals and enhance our visitors’ experiences.

Venue options are abundant and include but are not limited to beaches, public reserves and the Cable Beach Amphitheatre. Alternatively the Broome Civic Centre and the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre (BRAC) are equipped to hold both small and large-scale events and are available for hire.

Further information on these venues and holding events in public visit the website at or phone the Events and Economic Development Coordinator on 9191 3456.

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Parks and Gardens

The Parks and Gardens Department maintains 39 parks and reserves throughout the Shire of Broome. The Parks and Gardens Department also maintains about 60 roundabouts and traffic islands around the Town.

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The Shire has adopted a number of differential rating categories to reflect the benefit of services available to the properties in each category of rates.

Rates may be paid by single payment or instalment options can be chosen to assist cash flows. Payments can be made in person at the Shire’s Administration Building using cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa. By mail, bank Bpay option, internet
( or telephone 1300 276 468 and follow the prompts.

The options are set out on your rates notice and it is important to read this carefully in order to find the payment option that best suits you.

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The Shire of Broome employs about 170 staff at six locations in a variety of full time, part time, fixed term and casual roles. A wide range of opportunities are available including clerical/administrative staff, municipal labourers, gardeners, mechanics, plant operators and sport and recreational personnel which may include traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Professional positions in the areas of engineering, planning, environmental health, building, finance and human resources are also offered.

The Shire advertises vacancies in local press and on the Shire’s website and for professional positions advertises Statewide and nationally. The Shire of Broome promotes equal opportunity and is positioning itself as an employer of choice in the Kimberley.

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The Shire Works Department is responsible for grading of rural roads, bitumen patching, kerbing repairs and resealing many of the roads within the Shire of Broome.

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Shire Directory

The Shire of Broome Directory contains residential, business and community contact listings, along with essential community emergency information for living in the region. Co-ordination and production of the directory is undertaken by a contractor on behalf of the Shire of Broome.

Shire of Broome Information
Further Information 9191 3483

Street Lighting

To report faulty street lights and poles contact Horizon Power. 

Additional Information 1800 264 914

Verge Collection

An annual pre-cyclone household item verge collection is undertaken for residential areas and is advertised in the local newspaper.

Please separate large items like fridges and washing machines from smaller items. For safety reasons please remove refrigerator doors.

To avoid damage to services and for the safety of our operators, ensure you do not leave items on top of water meters, green power domes, reticulation, fireplugs, valves or service pits. Items not collected include paint, oil, petrol, pesticides, herbicides, car bodies, engines, gearboxes, batteries, asbestos materials.

Greenwaste will not be collected.

These items can be taken to the Waste Management Facility during opening hours 

Monday to Saturday, including public holidays 7:30am to 3:30pm
Sunday 8am to 2pm
Additional Information 9191 3456


The Shire has a verge maintenance policy. The Parks and Gardens Department maintains all endemic trees on verges and all native bush corridors, however home owners are responsible for maintenance of their verges.

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