Fire Control

It is the owner/occupiers' responsibility to ensure their properties are kept free of inflammable materials including long dry grass, leaves and any other material, which may ignite during a fire.

Burning off outside the townsite to reduce the level of inflammable material, may be done, but only under a permit, which must be obtained from a Ranger/Fire Control Officer prior to any burning operation commencing and only between 6pm and 11pm on the same day. The fire must be completely extinguished by the application of water or earth no later than midnight on that same day. The permit will stipulate how many people must be in attendance throughout the burn.

Burning off is not permitted in the Broome townsite.

On days of ‘very high’ or above/higher fire danger, no burning is permitted at all.

The Shire of Broome has a Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, which provides a valuable service for all residents. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer brigade member should contact Ranger Services.

Shire of Broome Information
Ranger Services 9191 3456

Firebreak Notice

Each year the Shire issues Firebreak/Householder Hazard Reduction Notices. These notices require firebreaks to be put in place or the land to be cleared of inflammable material before the set date, and maintained up to and including 31 December.

Fire Weather Forecast System

Bush Fire Weather Warnings, issued by the Bureau of Meteorology conform to the Australian Standard Bush Fire Weather Forecasts.

On a day when the fire danger forecast issued by the Bureau of Meteorology is ‘very high’ or above/higher, certain legal restraints on the use of fire automatically come into effect.

These restraints include a ban on burning off even though a permit to burn may have been issued.

During periods of ‘very high’ or above/higher fire danger, wood fired barbecues are permitted within the townsite under certain conditions. Wood-fired barbecues must be properly constructed with a spark arrester fitted and be clear of all inflammable material around the barbecue for a distance of 3m. All barbecues outside the townsite boundaries are banned during these times.