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Caravan Parks

The Shire of Broome’s Environmental Health Services is responsible for ensuring caravan parks located within the Shire are compliant with the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995 and subsidiary legislation.

During the busy tourist season, specified community groups operate overflow caravan parks, providing approximately 170 additional sites. Overflow caravan parks are licenced by the Shire of Broome and are required to operate in accordance with the above legislation and Shire Policy.

Food Safety

The Shire’s Environmental Health Services monitor food premises and food quality for compliance with the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code. This involves completing routine inspections of food premises and undertaking food sampling in accordance with WA Department of Health sampling.

Owners of new food premises are required to notify the Shire of their intention to operate prior to opening. This involves completing a notification form and submitting plans for approval. Operators of temporary food stalls are required to obtain a permit to operate the temporary food stall prior to trading.

The Shire has available to all food businesses, community groups and charities a free online training course - I'm Alert Food Safety Training. This free online training is available via the Shire website under Public Health & Safety.

Green Waste and Mulch

The Shire of Broome encourages residents to separate green waste from other waste types. The separated green waste can then be disposed of at the Buckleys Road Waste Management Facility where the green waste is routinely mulched for reuse on gardens.

To ensure continued success of this program, the Shire asks facility users to keep their green waste free from contamination. Do not contaminate your green waste with items that you would not want to go on your garden.

  • Remove contaminants such as steel, plastic, tyres and other household items;
  • Do not wrap green waste in plastic or place into plastic bags; and
  • Do not contaminate green waste with weeds.

The Shire of Broome also provides the final mulch product for collection at the Buckleys Road Waste Management Facility without charge. Please contact the facility to find out more.

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Litter Control

Ranger Services encourages you to report littering. Public support is vital if we are to overcome this problem. A maximum individual penalty of $5,000 may be issued to any person found littering.

The Shire employs a full-time Community Clean-up Crew to collect rubbish around parks, ovals, beaches and roadsides, and operates an orange bag scheme that pays members of the public who register to collect rubbish.

Mosquito Control

The Shire maintains an extensive mosquito monitoring and control program that has been an invaluable tool to respond to influx of mosquitoes, customer service requests, the prevention of breeding and the spread of mosquito-borne disease.

Broome receives significant rainfall during the wet season and combined with heat and humidity, usually experiences an increase in mosquito numbers until naturally occurring pooling water has evaporated from the environment. Large tides and inundation of tidal salt mangroves also contributes to an increase in mosquito breeding.

Chemical treatment options like fogging will only occur during a disease outbreak and/or following a disaster event where the risk to public health outweighs the risk to the environment from application of the adulticide. These treatments will also occur only under the direction of the Environmental Health Officer after consultation with the WA Department of Health.

What does the Shire of Broome do to reduce the incidence of blood-borne diseases?

The key components of the program are:

  • Pre and post treatment monitoring: find out where the mozzies are breeding and how effective the treatment was.
  • Adult trapping: catching adult mosquitoes to monitor the identity and density of the adult population present; and
  • Larviciding: treating the larvae present with a granular growth retardant called Prolink Prosand, to prevent the larvae from becoming adults.

The Shire also conducts a Sentinel Chicken Program in conjunction with the WA Department of Health.

What can I do to protect myself and stop mosquitoes breeding around my home?

  • Reduce outdoor activities during high mosquito activity periods (dawn and dusk)
  • Cover up by wearing light coloured long sleeve shirts and long pants that are loose fitting
  • Apply personal insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin if possible
  • Ensure fly screens to doors and windows are fitted and maintained
  • Check your property for potential breeding sources:
  • Empty pot plant bases weekly or fill the base with sand to absorb water
  • Bromeliads and other water holding plants should be washed out weekly
  • Clean roof gutters regularly and trim trees which can block gutters
  • Ensure rainwater tank overflow pipes are screened and access covers fitted securely
  • Keep swimming pools maintained
  • Ensure plumbing and vents to septic tanks are screened; and
  • Birdbaths and ornamental pools should be washed out weekly.

Recycling Collection

Council provides a comprehensive recycling service within the Broome townsite. For this service green sulo bins with yellow lids are provided and are emptied fortnightly on the same day of the week that the refuse bin is emptied.

The items that can be recycled are as follows:

  • Code 1 plastics (PET plastic)
  • Code 2 plastics (HDPE plastic)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans
  • Glass containers
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Paper & glossy paper
  • Liquid paper board
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Rubbish Collection

The Shire, through the services of its contractor Tox Free Australia, provides a weekly household waste collection service. Details of days of collection for various areas can be obtained by calling Tox Free Australia.

Residents are reminded the following materials are not permitted to be placed in any bins for collection:

  • Hot/burning ash
  • Oil/other flammable liquids
  • Liquids/paints/solvents
  • Bricks/concrete/building rubble/sand
  • Personal medical waste (unless in a sealed container)
  • Commercial medical wastes
Recycling Information 9192 1169

Waste Water

Disposal of waste water, including black and grey water, in unsewered areas is regulated by the Health (Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974. This legislation requires all waste water disposal systems to be approved by the Shire of Broome or Executive Director of Public Health prior to installation.

Approval to install a waste water system can by obtained by submitting an ‘Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewerage’ to the Shire of Broome for assessment. This form is also to be submitted to the Shire for the installation of grey water systems in sewered locations.

All forms can be downloaded from the Shire website under Public Health & Safety.

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