Broome Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services

Broome Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Information
Street Address Fire Station, Frederick Street,
Postal Address PO Box 2222, Broome, WA 6725
Phone 9192 1393
Fax 9192 8101

There are many dimensions to being a volunteer firefighter and those who join are encouraged to choose activities that suit their capabilities and interests. Through their training, volunteer firefighters learn to operate the wide range of equipment, vehicles and appliances used in fire suppression operations.

Volunteer Fire and Rescue firefighters play a significant and vital role in ensuring that the community of Broome is a safe place to work, live and play.

Whether it is carrying out risk management activities, fire prevention activities, fighting a fire, teaching fire safety education in schools, working with local residents to improve their personal safety or responding to road crash rescue, the activities and learning skills required to manage these incidents and activities can be extremely exciting and challenging.

Training held every Wednesday at 6pm. Prospective volunteers please call DFES on 9158 3200.