Australian Customs Service

Australian Customs Service Information
Address Customs House, 397 Port Dr
Phone 9193 6999
Fax 9193 6960
Postal Address PO Box 86, Broome, WA 6725

Customs and Border Protection in Northwest Australia

Customs and Border Protection plays a vital role in preventing the illegal movement of people and harmful goods across Australia’s border.

An extensive network of Customs and Border Protection District Offices around the country provide a physical Customs and Border Protection presence in remote locations where international shipping and other activities take place.

District Offices, such as those in Broome, Dampier and Port Hedland, monitor the movement of people and cargo through regional ports, and also provide a base of operations for Border Protection Command and marine surveillance activities.

Officers play a key role in patrolling the waters off northwest Australia and in the apprehension of foreign fishing vessels.

Customs Hotline

Customs and Border Protection encourages you to help identify illegal activities at the border. The Customs Watch programme provides a mechanism for members of the community to report suspicious border activities, which may lead to the detection of significant quantities of prohibited items.

You know your local area and you know what looks or sounds suspicious on land, at sea or in the air.

Report Suspicious Behaviour

Customs and Border Protection encourages you to report suspicious behaviour to Customs Watch toll-free on 1800 06 1800, or on the internet at

The 1800 06 1800 number is answered by experienced Customs and Border Protection officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You do not have to leave your name, and may provide information to Customs and Border Protection anonymously.

What you can do

  • Report any unlawful, unusual or suspicious border activities.
  • Act immediately. Your prompt action could make a difference.
  • Don’t get involved - simply report what you see and hear.
  • Don’t disturb or remove anything as this could destroy vital evidence.

What to tell Customs and Border Protection

  • The time, date and place of the incident.
  • What you saw or heard.
  • A description of the people and the transport involved (eg planes, boats, trucks).
  • Registration numbers or call signs you saw or heard.